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    NTWPB-016 Week5000 /-
    Course Highlight Wordpress Training:-

    Completely Designed Course for Best of Learning Experience.
    20 % Theory And 80% Practical Ratio.
    Course CD Contain All Related Software.
    Intense Practical Sessions.
    Certificate Course.
    State of the ART Lab Facilities to Explore the Concepts.
    Online Certificate Verification Service.
    Individual Attention.
    Faculty: A rich mix of experienced academicians and experts from the industry.
    Facility to verify designs by downloading them into physical devices.
    Well design experiments and projects for hands on experience.

    Course Contents Wordpress Training:-

    Introduction to HTML
    Introduction to CSS
    Introduction to PHP
    Introduction to Wordpress
    Using Wordpress
    Wordpress Design

    Detail Syllabus Wordpress Training

    Introduction to HTML

    Web Pages and Images
    Heading in HTML
    Why is HTML important?
    Exploring an HTML document
    Formatting content
    Displaying images
    Using nav, article, and div elements
    Linking to pages and downloadable content
    Creating lists
    Controlling styling (fonts, colors, and more)
    Writing basic scripts

    Introduction to CSS

    Designing with a grid
    Working with a flexbox
    Retina and high-density displays
    Raster and vector graphics
    Retina and images
    Animation and shapes
    CSS3 keyframes and animation
    CSS shapes
    CSS shape functions
    Responsive typography
    Fluid typography
    Accessibility and ARIA
    Style guides for CSS
    What is PHP?
    Embedding PHP code on a page
    Inserting code comments
    Variables, strings, arrays, and Booleans
    If, else, and elseif statements
    While and for loops
    User-defined functions
    Function arguments and return values
    Debugging and troubleshooting

    Introduction to PHP

    Web Brower
    Web Server
    Installation and Configuration files
    Structure Language construct and functions

    Introduction to Wordpress

    What is WordPress
    WordPress, WordPress.org, and WordPress.com - What is the difference
    How WordPress works

    Using Wordpress

    Installing and running WordPress
    Accessing your WordPress site
    Using the WordPress admin panel
    Using the WordPress toolbar
    Understanding posts
    Posts vs. pages in WordPress
    Creating a new post
    Introducing the post editor view
    Creating and formatting your first post with the content editor toolbar
    Using quick shortcuts to format text
    Creating and editing links
    Using page templates
    Creating page hierarchies
    WordPress is a content management system
    Navigating the admin panel
    Quick-Bulk Edit posts and pages
    Using the Media Grid
    Using attachment pages
    Separation of style and content
    What are themes and how do they work
    Introducing the Customizer
    Previewing, installing, and changing themes
    Customizing your theme
    Understanding how to make user-friendly navigation
    Creating and customizing menus
    Using widgets
    Combining custom menus and widgets
    Changing what the home page displays
    Getting and installing third-party themes
    What are plugins and how do they work
    Finding, vetting, and selecting plugins
    Installing, activating, and upgrading plugins
    Some useful plugin types to start with
    A sample set of plugins on the demo site

    Wordpress Design

    What is the difference between categories and tags
    Using categories and tags
    Using revisions
    Publishing and scheduling posts
    Truncating posts and using excerpts
    Using post formats
    How WordPress handles media elements
    Adding images to posts and pages
    Moving an image to a new location
    Creating image galleries
    Using featured images
    Adding images from other sites
    Adding content from YouTube and similar sites
    Working with audio and video
    UPDATE When to use pages
    Creating a page


    How WordPress handles users
    Editing your user profile
    Creating your gravatar profile
    Understanding WordPress`s user roles and capabilities
    Understanding WordPress`s user roles and capabilities
    Adding and managing users
    Plug and play and beyond
    Configuring general settings
    Changing the language of your site
    Configuring writing and reading settings
    Changing the default category
    Configuring media and permalinks settings
    Managing comments and spam
    Managing comments and spam
    Getting new readers through social sharing
    Managing WordPress on the back end
    Is WordPress safe and secure
    Keeping up to date
    Security through hosting, plugins, and third-party services
    What to do when something goes wrong, aka resolving the white screen of death
    Moving content from one WordPress site to another
    Going further with WordPress

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