• Product Design Services

    Novel Technology is a complete IT solution company to satisfy the need of IT market across the globe. We provide PCB Design and prototype development services to our clients. Novel Technology is expert in Embeeded System Development.

    The company provides quality solution and we focus on the technology like DSP, VLSI etc.

    The Novel Technology offers a wide range of value-added services in the Telecom, Automotive, Manufacturing and industrial market segments. As a customer, you draw advantage from our highly competent interdisciplinary expertise. We offer prototype development services for different domains.

    Domain are
    PCB Design
    Digital signal processing
    VLSI applications
    Image processing
    Industrial Automation
    Embedded System
    Embedded Software Development
    FPGA / CPLD implementation
    Training Embedded Technology
    Training VLSI Design Technology
    Electronics Board Design
    Biometric access control systems
    Remote Monitoring & Control
    VLSI Signal Processing
    RFID Based Products
    DSP Processors

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