• A Workshop on IOT (IOT Workshop)

    Workshop CodeDurationFee
    NTWSIOTB-011 / 2 Days800/-

    Internet of Things is no longer a theoretical concept but is rapidly becoming reality. IOT is a scenario where machines communicate with other machines and devices through embedded sensors. The idea behind IOT is to create a well-connected world. Statistics show that by the year 2020 we will have close to 13.5 billion connected devices across the globe. The number is a whopping 6.4 billion connected things as of date. Imagine the magnitude!!

    Workshop Syllabus

    Concepts and Definitions
    Life Style with IOT
    Business with IOT
    Carrier in IOT
    IOT Applications
    IOT System Overview
    IOT Device Architecture
    Client Server Network System
    Sensors for IOT Device
    Introduction with Arduino
    Introduction to Arduino Programming
    Interfacing the LEDs and Switches with Arduino
    Interfacing Other Peripheral & Programming with Arduino
    Setting up Arduino
    Introduction to ESP8266
    Interfacing with ESP8266 with Arduino
    Introduction to IOT Web Platforms
    Arduino with ESP8266 as an IOT Device
    Introduction to ESP8266 Commands
    A Demo of IOT Systems
    Existing Product in the Market to Implement IOT System
    Single Board IOT Systems and Solutions

    Outcome of Workshop

    The Student is able to list what is IOT.
    The Student is able to list the salient features of IOT system.
    The Student is able to write basic Arduino algorithms.
    The Student is able to understand complete structure of IOT application.
    The Student is able to write the entry level code for IOT system.
    The Student is able to understand the structure of IOT based applications.
    The Student is able to understand the power of IOT for algorithm development.

    Key Experiments or Demo

    Understanding and managing windows of Arduino GUI.
    Running basic commands of ESP8266 on the command prompt.
    Managing the variables and its life in the Arduino.
    Sending and Receiving data on Web Server.
    Relay based device control with Arduino.
    Web based remote control system.
    Remote Monitoring system with Arduino and ESP8266.

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