• About Novel Technology

    Novel Technology provides Embedded and Software solutions as well as develops its own range of quality products. The Embedded Services Division offers a wide range of value-added services in the Telecom, Automotive, Manufacturing and industrial market segments. As a customer, you draw advantage from our highly competent interdisciplinary expertise.

    Our R & D team has executed many projects including Embedded system, VLSI and software solutions keeping in mind high quality standards. The team members have a high level of technical expertise with various technologies and have the capability to handle a wide variety of problems in this area.

    At present we offer wide range of products in the field of security system, LED lighting and display boards with modern facilities, training solutions of different microprocessor like Intel 8051, Atmel AVR, Microchip PIC, Philips ARM, Xilinx FPGA and many more.


    Our Vision is to build a Faith in Everybody That They Have Best of Products, Services and Knowledge for Completing Their Goal in the Artistic Style.


    Our mission is to provide high quality and cost effective custom solutions to our clients. We work to help people and business throughout the world realize their full potential.

    We believe in imparting quality technological knowledge among the trainees to become leaders. And to complete this goal we have completely designed course / Training materials and hardware kits for best of learning experience. We offer excellent quality of hardware kits for school and college students.

    Domains of Novel Technology

    Embedded/VLSI Business Solutions
    Web Business Solutions
    Software Business Solutions
    Technology Learning Solutions

    We offer design services for different technology.

    Website Development
    PHP Applications
    Wordpress Development
    SEO and Internet Marketing
    ERP and CRM Development
    Digital signal processing
    VLSI applications
    Image processing
    Industrial Automation
    Embedded System
    FPGA / CPLD implementation
    Training Embedded Technology
    Training VLSI Design Technology
    Electronics Board Design
    Biometric access control systems
    Remote Monitoring & Control
    RFID Based Products
    DSP Processors

    Learning & Certifications